Telluride, Colorado

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Telluride, Colorado High Altitude Training for Everest

In preparation for my trip to Mt. Everest I took a trip up to Telluride, Colorado to put in some high elevation training about 2 weeks prior to departure for Kathmandu. We decided to make it a family trip. It was one of the most fun family trips ever. I also had the opportunity to meet up with an Austin based client of mine who owns some property in Telluride and produces the TED event there and was in town to work on the TED promotion. We did some cool things with the kids including some high altitude back country snowshoeing and a winter outdoor survival course. I spent each morning and a couple of afternoons on my own running trails up the ridges at 13,000′-14,000′. There is a trail just on the edge of town that has similar incline and distance to the hill up to Namche in the Khumbu valley – so I spent a lot of time there. One day I got stuck in a snow storm, slipped and fell into a creek and had an interesting time finding my footprints to help navigate back down the mountain as the snow was falling so fast it covered them all up. There’s nothing like a good adventure!