Current Projects

Lumyn Immersieve Media launched in summer 2017

Lumyn Immersive Media

Sound. Light. Immersive experiences. You’ve never felt anything like this.

We design immersive lighting and sound experiences that stir the soul. It is our belief that simplicity is at the heart of all complexities.

Lumyn Immersive Media is based in Dallas, Texas and offers design, consulting, rental and sales of immersive lighting experiences, technology based sound and light systems, displays, shows, and art pieces for events throughout the United States.


Recycled Record Club is heading toward a mid to late 2019 launch

Recycled Record ClubAs a member of Recycled Record Club you will receive a curated box of second hand vinyl recordings every month. Our goal is to share our love of vinyl recordings of all types. We don’t offer genre selection. We don’t ask you to set up a profile. We don’t clean every record before we send it out to you. And we don’t care if you like every record you receive or not. That’s not the point. The point is to provide you with an ongoing stream of audio stimulation that you won’t find anywhere else.

We enjoy the weird little treasures that can be found by digging through a record shop closeout bin. We also enjoy listening to classic albums on vinyl. So, that’s what we will be sending you; a random selection of recordings that we hope you have never heard before. And every once in a while – something that you are already familiar with, but are hearing on vinyl for the first time.

We offer several subscription options as well as a selection of accessories for purchase alongside your subscription.

Stay tuned. We think you’ll dig it.

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LED Christmas lights at The Christmas Light Emporium

The Christmas Light Emporium is our online retail and wholesale outlet for LED Christmas Lights, Incandescent Christmas Lights, Christmas Decorations and Christmas Light Installation Accessories. It is a subsidiary of Extreme Lightscapes and came to life in order to provide commercial quality Christmas lighting and decor to Christmas decorators and Christmas light show enthusiasts. We offer decorators a better choice for higher quality products and better prices and with the best customer service in the industry.

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Extreme Lightscapes Christmas light shows, advanced illumination

Extreme Lightscapes provides Animated Christmas Lights, Synchronized Christmas Lights, Commercial Christmas Decorating, Commercial Christmas Light Installation and Christmas event production for any venue with the desire to go the extra mile. We specialize in designing marketing driven Christmas events and displays for shopping centers and retailers, municipalities, casinos, resorts, hotels, churches and ministry groups, and other commercial venues. Synchronized Christmas lights create an eye catching spectacle in any environment that needs to make a statement and increase traffic.

Our clients include many cities across the country, Huanya Development China, Hilton Hotels, Fairmont Hotels, Newsday Media Group, Cesar Millan, Simon Properties and many other well known properties as well as a variety of select large scale residences.

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Providence Christmas, synchronized Christmas light show

Providence Christmas began as a Vader family holiday light show that we coined “Vaderville”. Over the years, we’ve added more lights, more special effects, more visitors, more sponsors, more charity and more families to the show. It’s no longer just a Vader family affair. We now use a name that more accurately represents the goals that we set out to achieve from the very beginning: to become a catalyst for turning Providence Village, Texas into one of the premier “must see” D/FW neighborhoods during the holidays, to ‘pay it forward’ through the collection of charitable donations and to generally share the joy that is the season. It also happens to have been the first step I took in what grew into a full time business with Extreme Lightscapes and The Christmas Light Emporium.

2015 was the last time we did a light show in Providence Village. We didn’t run the show in 2016 and we moved to a new place in Denton in the Spring of 2017. And, as is the course of things, no time to design a new show for the new place for 2018. Hence, we shut down last summer. One day I’d like to start the show up again at our new place. We had a lot of fun back in the day!


Town of Providence Village, Texas

In 2013 I was appointed Alderman, Place 5 for the Town of Providence Village, Texas. In 2014 I was appointed Mayor Pro Tem and served as a member of the towns first Home Rule Charter commission and currently serve on the towns ordinance and communications committees. Initially, my involvement was triggered by the towns incorporation. Incorporating a new town in the United States is no small feat, but in this case it was a feat that I was against. But the residents passed the incorporation so I eventually decided to participate in local government in order to gain more insight into why we became a town and to protect the small town values and lifestyle that we all moved here for in the first place. Over the last 2 years I have learned more than I had ever imagined about local and state government. The most important lesson I have learned is that unless you are active and involved with local governance, you will never be informed enough to make accurate decisions with regard to electing your local officials and  making ballot decisions. Hence I highly advocate individual participation in local government and/or at least attending your town council meetings and staying in touch with activities of your town.

I resigned from the Providence Village Town Council when we moved out of the town in 2017 (resigned in late 2016). But our time there was wonderful. I will miss it and will always have a soft spot for the town that my children first called home.

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